Captivating Themed Party Backdrops for Events

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Themed party backdrops are decorations that must be present because their function is to beautify the party. The party itself is one of the most exciting activities and is the most eagerly awaited moment. Many people enjoy luxurious activities like this. Starting from taking photos to making fun videos that are nothing but memories. Therefore, those who are holding a party need to decorate it beautifully.

It’s no use if the party’s food menu is delicious, but the decoration is not attractive. Failed decorations can also cause guests to get bored quickly. Therefore, consider choosing decorations a lot before you apply them to your party. This article will provide background theme references for your party.

Captivating Themed Party Backdrops for Events

Various References for Themed Party Backdrops

A good party backdrop theme can take your party to the next level. The background theme is what immediately stands out in party decorations and people or guests often use it as a photo booth to create memories of party activities.

Therefore, to attract attention and make guests comfortable, you need to consider decorating with an attractive background theme. Decorate as creatively as possible so that your party doesn’t look ordinary. Immediately, here are some party background references that you can imitate:


One reference for themed party backdrops is tablecloths. The tablecloth you are using is a plastic tablecloth. You can use tablecloths in various colors and styles, even for any event. You can find these at most party supply stores or online, large rectangular shapes are best.

Next, you just hang it on your wall and add some themed decorations like balloons, fringe, or props. Apart from that, you can also get a photo spot and even a nice screen behind the table.

This type of tablecloth with a star design will give a colorful impression at night. It’s very suitable for you to choose and use at a party on a dark day. In essence, you just have to adjust the concept and theme of the party.


If you can’t find a tablecloth you like, check the fabric section of your local craft supply store. This material is great because it is easy to hang and you can buy as many meters as you need to fit your backdrop space.

You can use wave fabric for a pirate party, plaid fabric for a Punk Glam NYE party, and sheer floral print fabric for a wildflower shower party. Not only that, you can also use a bathroom curtain made from pink fabric.

So those are some themed party backdrops that you can choose and apply. The party will look interesting and not monotonous if you apply the right background and decorations. Therefore, you just choose one of the references above.